"Compassion and social
justice across borders"

Casa-Pueblito is a non-profit, international organization that facilitates community development and intercultural learning with a focus on youth in Canada and Latin America.

Exciting Projects for 2016!


Voices for Change: Developing Leadership in Inclusive Education

This 3-year Toronto-based project aims to reduce the 40% dropout rate among Latinx (Latin American /  Latin@ - Hispanic) students by working with both educators and students, providing each with a space to champion for diversity and inclusivity in our schools and in our communities.

Crafting a Better Tomorrow

This project seeks to create the economic empowerment for 95 artisan families in 13 rural communities, through the promotion and marketing of artisan products in hotels and hostels across Nicaragua, as well as on fair trade markets at the international level.

El Triunfo School Project

The El Triunfo project provides an affordable, quality middle and high school education to indigenous Mayan children in the community of El Triunfo, Guatemala.

Family Farming for Sustainable Futures

This project promotes organic and sustainable agriculture through the establishment of biointensive gardens, located in UCA Tierra y Agua cooperatives in Nicaragua, in order to effect positive changes in traditional agricultural practices, and ensure food security and good nutrition for peasant families.