Installing Community Water services in La Calera, Granada

The objective of the project is to install community water services in the community of La Calera, a community partner of the UCA Tierra y Agua Union of Co-operatives. The water services will provide access to clean water for the community, which currently does not have running water.  The project will directly benefit 55 children, youth, adults, and seniors who are residents of the community of La Calera.

Implementing partner:  UCA Tierra y Agua Co-Operative. They have six  areas  of  focus:  

  • Community  organization
  • Effective  financial management
  • Agricultural  production
  • Youth  organization  and  development
  • Rural  community  tourism
  • Women’s empowerment

Specific objectives:

  1. Dig a well in the community of La Calera in Granada through artisanal methods
  2. Purchase materials for the extraction of water and the distribution of drinking water to family homes
  3. Install a network of pipes that connect the water services to 11 family homes

About our Partner: UCA Tierra Y Agua

UCA  Tierra  y  Agua  is  descendant  of  the  "UCA  Heroes  and  Martyrs  of  Nandaime"  cooperative  that  was founded  in  1984  under  the  Agrarian  Reform  carried  out  by  the  Sandinista  Revolution.  Unfortunately, years later, the neoliberal policies implemented after the change in government in 1990 weakened the cooperative sector across the  country and led  to  the  disintegration of the "UCA Heroes and Martyrs of Nandaime". 

In  August  1998, former   members  of  the  original  UCA   decided  to  reorganize   and   promote   the revitalization  of  other  cooperatives.  They  founded  a  new  cooperative  alliance  named "UCA  Earth  and Water" comprised of 14 registered, agricultural cooperatives in the Department of Granada. Today, UCA Earth  and  Water  has  111  members  and  their  work  supports  the  livelihoods  of  604  men,  women  and children.

The project: Installing community water services in the community of La Calera in Granada

UCA Tierra y Agua will be installing drinking water services in the community of La Calera, located near the  municipality  of  Nandaime  in  Granada.  La  Calera  is  associated  with  the  UCA  Tierra  y  Agua  union  of cooperatives  through  the  Gaspar  Garcia  Laviana  cooperative,  and  is  currently  lacking  access  to  clean water due  to its geographic location.  Community members walk to  the nearest rivers and fountains to carry buckets of water to their houses for drinking and cooking, and bath and wash their clothes in the rivers.  Streams  of  water  that  lead  to  the  community  are  becoming  increasingly  exposed  to  agro-chemicals and animal waste, making the construction of water services an urgent matter.  


The  project  will  excavate  an  artisanal  made  well  that  will  be  community run  and  used  by  the  families organized in the Gaspar Garcia Laviana cooperative. The well will be the principle water fountain of the cooperative, and a network  of pipes will be installed to bring water to  the houses  of every family (11). The  water  will  be  pumped  through  a  water  pump  and  gasoline  run motors,  since  the  community  lacks access to energy services.  

The well will be dug 30 meters deep, and the project will purchase two water pumps to pump water to the  houses  in  the  community,  a  water  collection  tank,  tubing, and  other  materials  needed  to  install water  services  in  the  houses.  The  project  will  benefit  the  community  by  providing  beneficiaries  with  a clean water service for the first time in its history.

Our partnership with UCA Tierra y Agua

UCA  Tierra  y  Agua  has  been  working  with  Casa-Pueblito  since  2008,  when  it  first  funded  a  scholarship program. This is a timeline of our partnership over the years:

  • 2009-2010: UCA Tierra y Agua constructed two community libraries with Casa-Pueblito’s support.  
  • 2013:  Casa-Pueblito  funded  a  project  focused  on  strengthening  youth  leadership.
  • 2014-2015: Casa-Pueblito   has   supported   the  implementation   and   construction   of   agro-ecological community  and  family  gardens  as  a  way  of  promoting  food  security  during  drought  like  weather conditions,  and  to  provide  an  alternative  to  using  artificial  fertilizers  and  poisonous  pesticides  in agricultural  production.  
  •  2016:  Casa-Pueblito  supported  the  final phase  of  this  project,  focusing specifically in engaging youth in building community gardens. 

Solidarity trips and Internships

School  groups  that visit La Calera will  assist  in:

  • The  excavation  of  the  well
  • Digging  trenches  for  the  tubes
  • Installing the tube system that will distribute water to the houses.

Delegations may involve themselves in other activities in the community, such as cultural exchanges with the local youth group, sports games with the youth, nature walks, arts and crafts with the children, and other. Students may also be involved in environmental education, such as assisting in cleaning rivers, walking paths, planting baby trees, and creating artisanal crafts.