Promoting and recuperating artistic and cultural identity in San Ramon, Matagalpa

Implementing partner:  Centro Promocional Cristiano por la Paz y la Vida. 

 Objective: Develop  the  artistic  capacities  of  children,  youth,  and  adults  in  San  Ramon  while promoting and recuperating indigenous knowledge and cultural identity. 

Beneficiaries: The project will directly benefit 120 children, youth, and adults. 

Specific Objectives:

  1. Provide visual arts classes for children and youth in San Ramon to develop their artistic and intellectual capacities.
  2. Develop fine arts professionals that focus on recuperating national cultural identities of Matagalpa.
  3. Preserve and promote the cultural costumes of San Ramon through folkloric dance and traditional music classes with youth and children.
  4. Create pride and knowledge in the cultural historic identity of San Ramon. 

Implementing partner: Centro Promocional Cristiano por la Paz y la Vida

Centro  Promocional  Cristiano  por  la  Paz  y  la  Vida  (CPC)  is  a  non-profit  association  that  has  provided visual arts classes to the municipality of San Ramon since 1988, being the first arts school in municipality in  its  history.  The  school  emerged  during  the  civil  war  of  the  1980’s  (1980-1990)  due  to  the  lack  of recreation  and  diversion  for  children  and  as  a  therapeutic  release.  In  its  initiation  in  1985,  the organization  began  a  space  for  rural women  to  come  together  for  biblical worship  with  a  strong  social responsibility  for  the  poor.  By  1988,  the  organization  transformed,  being led  primarily  by  women,  and hosting a nutritional program for malnourished children, providing natural medicine, and arts classes.  

The  first  graduates  of  the  program  became  excellent  artists,  and  later  became  the first  visual  arts teachers from San Ramon in 1990. The school gave birth to new visual arts students and teachers, many of whom would study fine arts degrees in Nicaraguan universities throughout the 1990s.  

In  2002,  the  arts  school  began  a  partnership  with  the National  School  of  Fine Arts in  Nicaragua,  which began to provide courses and training in design and teaching, and re-structured the curriculum with the objective  of  creating  a  formal  arts  school  with  oversight  and  accreditation  from  the National School  of Fine Arts Rodrigo Peñalba.

In  2011,  the  school  began  to  officially  function  as  an  extension  of  the National  School  of  Fine  Arts Rodrigo  Peñalba,  with  the  certification  from  the Center  of  Artistic  Education-Pablo  Antonio  Cuadra (CENEA-PAC) and the National Institute of Culture. 

The Project: Promoting and recuperating artistic and cultural identity in San Ramon, Matagalpa

The  project  will  provide  visual  arts,  music,  and  dance  classes  to  youth  and  children  in  San  Ramon, Matagalpa, as a way of promoting ancestral knowledge and cultural expression, strengthening the self-esteem and cultural identity of the residents of San Ramon.

The project will provide artistic materials for the arts classes, and will facilitate courses and training for participants in visual arts techniques by a professional teacher. As part of the project, students in the art classes  will  be  involved  in  the  elaboration  of  an  artistic  mural  called "Indigenous  Archers  of Yucul",  in homage to the indigenous archers of Yucul from the area of Matagalpa who participated in the Battle of San Jacinto on September 14, 1856. Art pieces such as t-shirts, cards, and portraits will be sold in a little shop at the art school, allowing the center to continue providing resources and material for the students and the arts classes.  

The  project  will  host  folkloric  dance  and  traditional  music  classes  with  children,  youth,  and  adults  in order  to  recuperate  indigenous  knowledge  and  customs  of  the  municipality.  The  project  will  provide musical instruments for the music classes, and will host music shows and presentations in order to raise funds  for  the  arts  school.  In  coordination  with  the  municipality  of  San  Ramon,  the  project  will  host  a dance competition, based completely on folkloric dance. The winner of this competition will have their dance officially named the traditional dance of San Ramon.

In order to promote the cultural identity of the municipality, the arts school will host public forums and two public expos to promote the art classes and the student’s art work, especially those that are based upon  indigenous  cultural  roots.  The  art  expositions  will  be  called "Our  Cultural  Patrimonies:  Proudly from Matagalpa".  The art school will also host three artistic festivals in San Ramon throughout the year. 

Our Partnership with the community of Centro Promocional Cristiano para la Paz y la Vida.

This will be the first time that Casa-Pueblito will partner with the Centro Promocional Cristiano para la Paz y la Vida. 

Group Engagement

Schools may involve themselves in the art classes with students from San Ramon, taking part in artistic creation  through  visual  arts,  music,  and  dance.  Students  may  also  take  part  in  classes  and  games  with younger  children  at  the  school.  Apart  from  the  art  classes,  students  may  also  visit  cooperatives  which have been incubated by CPC, such as a jewellery making and recycled paper cooperative.