Some of the projects Casa - Pueblito and its community partners have completed in the past thanks to the solidarity our generous supporters.


Pearl Lagoon: practicum placements

Casa - Pueblito partners with York University and the foundation for the Autonomy and Development of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (FADCANIC) to send teacher candidates to Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua to complete their practicum placements. This program benefits teachers in Pearl Lagoon by providing them with new teaching strategies and pedagogical innovations. The Canadian teacher candidates learn about bilingual and multicultural educations and about teaching in a different context. This kind of reciprocal cultural exchange and professional development are at the heart of our transformative approach to education and child development.

cinco pinos: WElding our community

Dawson College’s North-South Studies program is attempting, in collaboration with Casa - Pueblito, to provide impoverished young men and women with the opportunity to obtain a well-paying job as a certified welder. Thirty young men and women, chosen from the region of Cinco Pinos, where the Dawson North South students have their homestay, will receive four months of intensive training as certified electric welders. This means they will be able to stay in Nicaragua, rather than being forced to emigrate to El Salvador, Honduras or Costa Rica to work in unskilled, low-paying jobs.



esperanza en accion: Crafting a better tomorrow

This project represents a partnership with Nicaraguan non-profit, Esperanza en Acción, whose mission is to economically empower artisans by giving them the tools to strengthen their small businesses. This project encourages self-reliance for 95 artisanal families from marginalized rural communities. Gender equality is an integral focus of this project; 95% of the beneficiaries are women and each activity promotes their leadership in the fair trade economy. By empowering women, we enable them to become agents of change within their communities. There is evidence that women’s liberation bolsters an equitable economy and tends to provide benefits to communities, so this project seeks to foster systematic change through women’s leadership.


After partnering with Casa – Pueblito in 2014 on a successful community preschool construction project, Pueblo Indigena de Mozonte (PIM) has partnered with us once again to promote environmental protection in the community of El Cacao. This project will improve the conditions of an environmental and tourism center in the community, which will provide better conditions for community training, meetings, and classes for preschool children. The environmental training and tourism center is used by the community for myriad activities, such as environmental tourism and preschool classes, but the center is in poor condition. Renovations are necessary to vastly improve the services the center provides for the community. Project activities range from repairing ceilings and walls, constructing a kitchen, and building latrines for the centre


arts education in esteli

This project seeks to improve the quality of formal education and arts based workshops that are offered by our partner, the Christine King Multi-Service Cooperative. These programs are aimed at benefitting low-income youth and adults in the city of Estelí. The project will also centre on updating the resources of the local library through purchasing books and educational tools such as a projector, a laptop, and other study materials. Casa – Pueblito seeks to improve the quality of youth and adult education by providing access to new educational materials. The project will primarily benefit a group of adult women who work in the tobacco industry located in free trade zones, and who live in urban Estelí. Another component of the project, arts education, will be strengthened through the continuation of painting, drawing, and music classes for 15 children that took part in arts programs in 2015