Compassion and social justice across borders. 


Casa - Pueblito facilitates community development and intercultural learning with a focus on youth in Canada and Latin America.



We offer donors, communities, youth participants, volunteers and employees the chance to engage directly with
each other to build a caring, compassionate and
equitable world.



We believe in the strength of partnerships, and that we learn and grow as much through our work as our community partners. We believe that collaboration based on mutual respect creates higher quality work that produces positive results.
We are dedicated to a vision of solidarity that is not based on charity. We believe that one-sided donations of resources, monetary or otherwise, do not challenge unequal power relations or contribute to building meaningful relationships.
For us, solidarity is a reciprocal relationship in which people work together to challenge oppression through mutual respect and valuing of each others’ contributions towards common goals.


Social Justice

We think that social inequality and material poverty are rooted in unequal and unjust global power relationships, best resolved through a comprehensive understanding of this reality, and working together locally and globally to make changes in the global power structures that affect us all.

Transparency, Accountability & Integrity

We believe in sticking to our mission and fulfilling the vision of our founders. We aim to be transparent and accountable to our partners, our beneficiaries and our donors about our finances, operations and governance.


We are constantly working to make our projects, our partnerships, our hiring practices and our governance structures inclusive to all.


Education of Self, Our Peers & Community

We can learn profound lessons from people of different cultures and experiences, so we try to understand the world from the standpoint of others and engage with the people around us to inform our communities and take action together to address local and global issues.


We feel strongly about creating lasting positive impacts through our work. We seek projects that will create permanent change. We also take environmental sustainability seriously and seek to reduce the ecological impact of our operations.