Installing Community Water services in La Calera, Granada.

Implementing partner: Los Quinchos Association.

Objective: To  assure  that  the  agricultural  area  of  the "Los Cachorros" farm  is  equipped  with  the right  conditions  for  the  maintenance  of  farm  animals,  and  to  train  children  and  youth involved in Los Quinchos in agricultural vocational skills and environmental protection. 

Beneficiaries: The project will directly benefit  150 children and youth who are residents of the youth shelters that are run by Los Quinchos.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Improve the infrastructure at the "Los Cachorros" farm, which includes a pig nursery, a cow barn, and  a  chicken  and  rabbit  nursery,  in  order  to  have  healthy  and  adequate conditions  for  the animals.
  2. Cultivate a sense of environmentalism in the children and youth of Los Quinchos by having them participate actively in the care, preservation, and development of the agricultural area and the animals that inhabit it.  

Implementing partner: Los Quinchos Association

Los Quinchos Association is a non-profit association created in 1991 in Nicaragua, with its emblem being "never again  will  we  have  a  child  on  the streets" . For  20  years,  the  association  has  advocated  for  the human rights of children and youth in Nicaragua, specifically those in social situations of marginalization who  have  experienced  drug  abuse,  family  abandonment,  sexual  abuse,  and  family  violence.  Los Quinchos  works  with  children  and  youth  who  are  homeless  and  are  living  on  the  street  for  various reasons  by  housing  them  in  Los  Quinchos’  shelters  and  having  them  participate  in  a  program  of rehabilitation.  

The "Los Cachorros"  farm houses adolescent and teenage boys between the ages of 6-14 who are in a situation of homelessness. These children and youth are transferred from another shelter hosted by Los Quinchos called "Casa Filtro",  or  have   been  placed  in  this   shelter   by  the Ministry  of  FamiliesAdolescence, and Children. Children and youth sheltered in "Los Cachorros" attend public schools while also learning vocational skills, such as ceramics and hammock making.  

In  order  to  ensure  proper  functioning  of  the  rehabilitation  program,  males  and  females  are  housed  in separate  shelters,  both  of  which  are  in  the  municipality  of  San  Marcos  in  the  department  of  Carazo, Nicaragua. Los Quinchos also  hosts a shelter called Casa Filtro, which brings in children and youth who are new to the program and facilitates an initial introductory rehabilitation program before advancing to a shelter in San Marcos.

At  Los  Quinchos,  children  and  youth  are  given  psychological  and  medical  attention  by  a  team  of psychologists,  social  workers,  and  nurses.  The  participants  also  engage  in  sexual  health  education  and exchanges with other youth and adults who have lived through similar situations of homelessness.

The Project: Conditioning the agricultural space of the "Los Cachorros" farm, and training children and youth in agriculture techniques and environmental protection

The project will improve the infrastructure of the agricultural area in the "Los Cachorros"  farm, a shelter that houses at-risk boys and young men who are involved in the Los Quinchos program. The farm houses a total of 17 hens, 5 roosters, 1 rabbit, 13 pigs, 102 baby chickens, 3 cows, 1 bull, 4 pelibuey sheep, and 26  ducks.  The  improvement  to  the  infrastructure  includes  reparations  to  the  shelters  that  house  pigs, cows,  chickens,  and  the  rabbit.  Through  these  repairs, ͞Los  Cachorros͟  will  provide  clean  and  healthy living spaces for animals and humans.  

As part of the project, the children and youth of Los Quinchos will participate in workshops and training in   the   importance   of   environmental   protection   during   environmental   crisis.   Children   and   youth attending  Los  Quinchos  will  be  trained  in  soil  management,  creating  organic  compost  and  fertilizer, proper planting techniques, and proper farm animal management. Through these activities, participants will receive vocational skills and training that will assist them in their future professional and vocational endeavours,  as  well  as  instilling  a  sense  of  environmental  appreciation  and  protection  in  a  new generation of youth.

Our Partnership with Los Quinchos Association

This will be the first time that Casa-Pueblito will partner with Los Quinchos. 

Group Engagement

Schools may visit Los Quinchos to learn about the work being done with at-risk youth at the shelters. Los Quinchos  is  open  to  having  visitors  at  the  centers.  Children  and  youth  involved  in  the  rehabilitation program love interacting with visitors, playing games with them, and showcasing their new skills, such as hammock  making  and  circus  performance.  A  visit  to  Los  Quinchos  will  provide  a  unique  and  engaging learning  experience  where  students  will  interact  with  Nicaraguan  youth  who  come  from  difficult  life experiences in a safe environment. This center provides a perfect opportunity to question pre-conceived stereotypes  of  poverty,  and  will  allow  delegations  to  get  to  know  one  of the  most  marginalized  and ignored populations in Nicaragua.