Community Development: Locally Defined, Locally Driven

Casa - Pueblito is committed to eight projects this year. We work in solidarity with our community partners to tackle their most pressing needs and create positive change. Our community partners and project information is featured below this summary of our five program areas: 


We help provide access to nutritious food and safe drinking water by building community gardens, artisan wells, agro-ecology workshops, and developing programs for community-based environmental protection.


We work to correct systemic gendered inequality and discrimination by providing educational opportunities to women through a variety of workshops, courses, artistic projects and other activities.


We aim to improve access to education by funding arts-based workshops for youth and children, funding schools and various programs for young and mature students and promoting local ancestral knowledge 


We improve health conditions and reduce risk of disease by providing access to basic sanitation and hygiene services.  


We support a number of projects that meaningfully engage community members in the fight for environmental protection and justice

Casa - Pueblito 2018
Community Development Projects

1. Equipping and Strengthening Educational Programming

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Hogar Luceros del Amanecer is a new partner for Casa – Pueblito, located in Camoapa, Boaco that serves 65 children. Founded in 2004, Hogar Luceros del Amanecer is committed to providing integral programing to their students from low-income families, including elementary classes; tutoring; dance, music, computation, and English classes; daily meals, and on-site social workers. This year, Casa – Pueblito will work with Hogar Luceros del Amanecer to improve the infrastructure of the Hogar, including painting and renovations, bring students on field trips to important cultural sites in Nicaragua, and to improve the quality of the computation, English, and radio and television workshops that are offered.

2. Reflective Processes & Workshops with the Women of Estelí

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Mujeres Organizadas Emprendedoras de Estelí (MOES) is another new partner for Casa – Pueblito this year. Located in Estelí, MOES works with women in high-risk situations; particularly women who live inside Estelí’s municipal garbage dump. Founded in 2006, MOES works directly with women to provide education about their rights and help them access adequate health care. This year, Casa – Pueblito is working with MOES to execute a series of workshops with 90 women who live inside Estelí’s garbage dump. Workshops cover themes such as women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health care, self-esteem, jewelry-making, and helping women access local markets with their handicrafts for additional sources of income.

3. Installing Water Services in the Community of La Calera


UCA Tierra y Agua is a union of agricultural cooperatives located in Granada, focused on climate-smart agricultural and rural community tourism. This project is a continuation of UCA Tierra y Agua’s 2017 project to install water services in the community of La Calera, Granada. Community members are building an artisanal well to serve the 11 families of La Calera who have gone without access to water in their homes for over a decade. Unfortunately, due to unpredictable setbacks with the well construction (including natural gases escaping from the bedrock), the community could not complete construction. This year we’re implementing alternatives to finish the project so that La Calera finally has running water.

4. Constructing a Shelter to Protect the Potable Water Services of Santa Julia


The Gloria Quintanilla Women’s Cooperative is a long-time partner of Casa – Pueblito. Formed in 2008, the Cooperative is comprised of 20 women leaders in the community of Santa Julia who work towards community development, employment, food sovereignty, and access to basic services in the community. The community has been fighting for potable water for over eight years. Now, the community of Santa Julia is installing a well that will serve the 90 families who live there. Casa – Pueblito is working with Santa Julia to install a shelter next to the well that will house the well’s generator and motor to protect them from the elements and from theft. The shelter is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the well for years to come.

5. Installation of Latrines in the Community of Jiñocuao – Phase II


Jiñocuao is a rural community located outside of Somotillo, kilometers away from the Nicaraguan-Honduran border. The community has been a Casa – Pueblito partner since 2012, when we worked together to build a high school in the community. The project to build latrines in the community this year is the second phase of our 2017 project. Last year, we built 56 latrines.  This year, we’re building 44 latrines for 44 families to improve hygienic conditions in the community. Latrines are being provided to the most vulnerable families who, for lack of economic resouces, have gone without sanitary services for years.

6. Improving classroom & clinic resources and expansion of arts programming


Christine King Cooperative is located in Estelí. The Cooperative is involved in many different programs for children and women from low socioeconomic backgrounds, including traditional music, arts, and dance classes, a children’s orchestra, a mature high school diploma program, a women’s health clinic, bakery, sewing, and pottery classes. This year, Casa – Pueblito is partnering with Christine King Cooperative to amplify the arts programming to enroll another 30 low-income students into classes, purchase new classroom materials for the mature high school diploma program, and purchase necessary medical equipment for the women’s health clinic to provide better access to adequate reproductive health care. In total, this project will benefit 190 people.

 7.Educating, Expressing Gender Equality, Creativity, Innovation, and Community Development through Art in Acahualinca


Podcasts for Peace is a community center located in Acahualinca, Managua, that works with children from a low-income neighbourhood. Podcasts for Peace provides cultural and educational programming for children, youth, and women in Acahualinca, and is a safe space that belongs to community members. This year, Casa – Pueblito continues our support of Podcast’s programming, funding education and expression through art. Podcasts for Peace sees art as a tool to form values, self-esteem, discipline, and technique, to bond the community, and generate changes that strengthen the social fabric of the barrio. Participants will use muralism in the community as a form of self-expression. The support groups, tutoring, and vocational classes offered at Podcasts will continue on from previous projects.



Since 2006, the El Triunfo Education Project has supported the educational aspirations of Mayan youth of students in the community of El Triunfo in the mountains of Sololá, Guatemala. In recent years the project has focused on providing a low cost middle school education to students in grades seven, eight and nine to students who may not otherwise be attending classes. This year the school year started on January 11th with 50 students enrolled.