Yamari Martin-Halsall at #BAM2017

The BAM Story

BAM was created for Casa - Pueblito in Summer 2017 with our Canada Summer Jobs Student Team Member Yamari Martin-Halsall.  Stemming from our organization's Voices for Change program in 2015 - 2017, the BAM project is part of our organization's ongoing passion to bring together voices in the Latinx Community that can express issues and themes that are key young people of Latin American heritage.


As BAM continues to grow over the summer we welcome volunteers to join the project and have fun either leading an activity or helping others with volunteer roles that match your interest and available time. We have a ton of fun and believe in the philosophy "the more the merrier".  Listed below are the members of our current BAM Team.

Yamari Martin-Halsall  Born and raised in Toronto as the daughter of Afro-Indigenous Nicaraguan parents who escaped the Nicaraguan Civil war; and having lived in Costa Rica and gone back and forth to Nicaragua, she became interested in Social Justice and Latin American issues after exploring more in-depth injustices committed against the Miskito Indigenous and Creole Communities of Nicaragua and witnessing first-hand its intergenerational traumatic effect on her family. Yamari is a recent Hispanic Studies and Spanish/English Translation graduate from York University-Glendon College. 

Nuria Jimenez volunteers for Casa-Pueblito in 2018 as a graphic designer for publications in addition to her role with #BAM2018. She is very motivated as a volunteer with Casa – Pueblito as an organization that works for social justice and compassion across borders. She loves to ospend time with her children (15 and 11 eleven years old). Favorite poem “Defense of joy” by Mario Benedetti. Favorite quote “Don´t be afraid to start over, it´s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.

Jessica Hazen has been generating support and resources for more than 15 years for a wide variety of creative projects including the Hillside Community Festival, Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival and GameChangers Video Game Design Project for Gender Equity.  Happy as a "back-stager", Jessica's greatest passion is to create the space and resources needed for people to produce their creative vision. 

Meet the Curator: Claudia Arana

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the BAM Team: Claudia Arana, who will curate this year's exhibit!

Claudia Arana, Curator of BAM 2018

Claudia Arana, Curator of BAM 2018

Claudia Arana is a Toronto based visual artist, photographer, and curator who holds a Masters degree for Visual Arts and has developed an inventive approach over years of practice in the field of architectural and artistic photography. She studied Architectural Photography and Art Practice at the School of Visual and Arts (SVA) and at the International Centre of Photography (ICP), both in New York. Her artistic practice explores the perception of inherent characteristics of photography like representation and interpretation of time, space and perspective. She uses coding, CRT screens, tv video signal, LCD screens and digital photographic sensors and scanners to push those attributes into different states and confront the photographic medium itself. As a curator, she has worked on different projects in Latin America and Canada. This year she has already curated two art exhibitions in Toronto, one for the Lawrence Heights Art Centre: Ophelia, Wonders of the Mind with the support of TAC and On Future: words and images at North York Art Gallery with the support of OAC, North York Arts and the Toronto Centre for the Arts. In addition, she has formed a career in education as a professor in the photography department from LaSalle College Canada-Bogota and LaSalle College Canada-Panama. She has taught several courses for graduate, undergraduate and continuing education programs of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography and Digital Image in the past seven years.