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We hope you enjoyed our first instalment. This month, you will learn about our rapidly approaching poster exhibit "Revisiting the Nicaraguan Revolution", one of our interns in Nicaragua, and finally our exciting project with the Christine King Cooperative which has provided children and teenagers with art and music supplies to help them explore their right to participate in arts and culture. 

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You're Invited:
Revisiting the Nicaraguan Revolution

The opening night of our second annual exhibit, Revisiting the Nicaraguan Revolution, is quickly approaching. This exhibit features original, official posters published and distributed during Nicaragua's revolutionary period in the 1980s and it opens on Wednesday June 24th 2015 from 7PM to 10PM at Vtape, located at 401 Richmond St. West in Toronto.

Admission is free! For additional details and to RSVP, visit our Facebook event page
We hope to see you there!

Introducing: Ashley Rerrie, Intern in Esteli

Casa - Pueblito is happy to welcome Ashley Rerrie, our new intern in Nicaragua! Ashley began her internship on April 22, and has been working at the Christine King Cooperative in Esteli for the past month, assisting in the cooperative’s domestic violence prevention program and their dance and art classes for children and adolescents. 
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Ashley is a Master of Arts candidate in Development Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. Ashley is originally from Nova Scotia, where she completed her secondary school studies, and later moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick, to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary studies at St. Thomas University. Ashley is completing her first year in Development Studies, and is working on her graduate thesis, which explores relationships between international NGOs and the communities with whom they work. 

Ashley is fulfilling a placement with the Christine King Cooperative, where she is assisting with their anti-domestic violence program called “Intervencion, Cambio, Educacion, Servicio” (ICES), which specializes in hosting informal seminars related to domestic violence, interfamily relations, sexual health, reproductive health, and violence prevention. Cooperative members who work with this program perform community visits in the various barrios and villages in and surrounding Esteli to host these informal seminars. The cooperative also hosts a women’s shelter, where they also provide legal and psychological counselling.

Ashley has had the opportunity to assist with ICES’s programming, attending community visits and helping with the domestic violence prevention seminars. As part of her responsibilities, Ashley has been talking to women about their experiences, and collecting their ideas during brainstorming sessions in these seminars. Along with community visits, Ashley prepares anti-domestic violence educational materials for the seminars, creates write ups to record the community visits, and translates educational material from English to Spanish. 

When she is not busy at the cooperative, she is focused on researching and plotting her graduate thesis for her MA program. In her free time, you can find Ashley visiting her good friends in La Garnacha, a rural village on the outskirts of Esteli where she volunteered for several months years prior to her current internship with Casa - Pueblito. 

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International Children's Week: 
The Christine King Cooperative visits the Batahola Norte Cultural Center in Managua

In honour of International Children’s Week, celebrated the week of June 1st, the Batahola Norte Cultural Center, a community center and organization which Casa - Pueblito has supported in the past, hosted a cultural fair on June 5 to promote children and teenagers’ right to participate in arts and culture. The festival, which was named “Cultura, Niñez….Accion!” (Culture, Children…Action!) inaugurated new classrooms and spaces for arts and academic classes, and marked the 32nd anniversary of the center. Participants in the arts, music, and dance courses at the center showcased their dance, theatre, music, and paintings for an audience that packed Batahola Norte’s theatre. 
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The Christine King Cooperative, one of Casa - Pueblito’s community partners, had the honour of being invited to the Batahola Norte Cultural Center to showcase the music and dance performers of their new cultural group, Sones Segovianos, the first full youth orchestra in Northern Nicaragua. Through funding and support from Casa - Pueblito, the Christine King Cooperative has been able to buy the remaining instruments needed to complete the orchestra, as well as provide music classes and training to students and children in the cooperative. Casa - Pueblito has also supported the creation of costumes and props for the Sones Segovianos folkloric dance team, who perform the traditional folkloric dance of Northern Nicaragua.

In total, about 50 participants from the cooperative, 30 children and 20 parents, came to Managua from Esteli. Students were excited to perform in the orchestra and dance performance. The main theatre, which houses one of Nicaragua’s most famous full scale murals that exhibits a Christian nativity scene based in Nicaragua and Liberation Theology, was decorated with the images of Sister Margarita Navarro from the United States and Father Domico Fr. Angel Torrellas from Spain, the founders of the Batahola Norte Cultural Center.

The Christine King Cooperative is one of many arts and culture groups that were invited by the Batahola Norte Cultural Center to perform for their festival. The Cultural Center and the Cooperative were also joined by the Community Library La Casita del Arbol from the city of Tipitapa, Batucada Ketom,  and other arts and cultural groups and centers. 

It is a privilege to see collaboration between two community partners that Casa - Pueblito has the honour of working with. Batahola Norte Cultural Center has had a relationship with Casa Canadiense since 2012, and Casa supported the center in 2014 in their “Interconnected Lives” program, which provided workshops for teachers and parents on childhood learning methodologies. The funding for Batahola Norte’s program also provided library resources, weekly tutoring, weekly story telling at the Center’s library, field trips, and library services for 495 participants from the local neighbourhood.  Batahola Norte Cultural Center has been a community space since 1983, and has provided cultural programming, education, and training for women and youth from marginalized barrios in Managua. The center promotes self determination and the right of individuals to achieves their basic human rights, including the right to education and cultural expression.

Our staff in Managua were delighted to see this collaboration, and hope to see more activities such as these that bring our various community partners together to build strong movements for social change and justice. 

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