We work in solidarity with our community partners to tackle their most pressing needs and create positive change in five program areas. These are the projects that we are supporting in 2017:


We strive to provide access to nutritious food and safe drinking water by building community gardens, offering agro-ecology workshops, and developing programs for community-based environmental protection

We work to correct systemic gendered inequality and discrimination by providing educational opportunities to women through a variety of workshops, courses, artistic projects and other activities


We aim to improve access to education by funding arts-based workshops for youth and children, funding schools and various programs for young and mature students and promoting local ancestral knowledge 

We aim to improve health conditions and reduce risk of disease by providing access to basic sanitation and hygiene services.  

We support a number of projects that meaningfully engage community members in the fight for environmental protection and justice



LOCATION: Municipality of Nandaime, Granada, Nicaragua

UCA Tierra y Agua will be installing drinking water services in the community of La Calera, located near the  municipality  of  Nandaime  in  Granada which currently does not have running water. This project complements our 2015 organic gardening project by promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly farming techniques and sustainable agriculture models. The project will directly benefit 55 children, youth, adults, and seniors who are residents of the community of La Calera. 

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2. building Community Latrines for the community of jiñocuao


IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: The community of Jiñocuao, Solomillo
LOCATION: Somotillo, Nicaragua

Jiñocuao  is  a  community  near  the  town  of  Somotillo,  which  is  10  minutes  away  from  the  Nicaraguan-Honduran border. The  project  consists  in  the  construction  of  44  rural  latrines  for  same number  of  families  in  the community of Jiñocuao, Somotillo. Through this project, the community will be able to strengthen their community  organizing  skills,  as  families  will  be  directly  involved  in  the  construction  process  and  will attend educational talks about health and hygiene.

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3. small plantains and bananas plantations in santa julia community

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Gloria Quintanilla Women's Cooperative
LOCATION: Managua, Nicaragua

The project will build 8 community plantations for the production of plantains and bananas, in order to provide basic food to the community members of Santa Julia, who have experienced food shortages and poor  agricultural  production  in  the  last  years.  The  establishment  of these  plantations  is  aimed  at providing food security and sovereignty for the community, and to create new sources of income for the members of the cooperative.

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4. expanding youth engagement programming at podcasts for peace

LOCATION: Managua, Nicaragua

Through a variety of workshops, courses, field trips, artistic projects, and other educational activities, this project seeks to promote environmental protection, gender equity, and economic development with a focus on empowering vulnerable groups in Acahualinca: specifically elderly community members, young girls, and at-risk youth.

Implemented by our local partner, Podcasts for Peace, the project will benefit over 500 community members from Acahualinca. 

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5. Training youth in agriculture and environmental protection

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Los Quinchos Association
LOCATION: Municipality of San Ramon, Nicaragua

To  assure  that  the  agricultural  area  of  the "Los Cachorros" farm  is  equipped  with  the right  conditions  for  the  maintenance  of  farm  animals,  and  to  train  children  and  youth involved in Los Quinchos in agricultural vocational skills and environmental protection

6. promoting and recuperating cultural identity in san ramon

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Centro Promocional Cristiano por la Paz y la Vida (CPCPV).
LOCATION: Municipality of San Ramon, Nicaragua

The  project  will  provide  visual  arts,  music,  and  dance  classes  to  youth  and  children  in  San  Ramon, Matagalpa, as a way of promoting ancestral knowledge and cultural expression, strengthening the self-esteem and cultural identity of the residents of San Ramon.

7. el triunfo education project

LOCATION: Guatemala

For ten years, the El Triunfo Education Project has provided an affordable middle  school education to indigenous Mayan children in the community of El Triunfo in the mountains of Solola, Guatemala. Classes from grades seven to nine are offered.  The most recent school year began in January 2017 with sixty students enrolled in the school. From 2011 to 2016 classes at the high school level were also offered. Scholarships are also available to students enrolled in high school and university programs.